Countering Violent Extremism

It is important to initially understand the difference between Extremism and Radicalism!

  • Extremism:is a belief or behavior involving uncritical fanaticism or with an obsessive enthusiasm. The extremist displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions.  The extremist behave in extreme behaviors when they are in action. Extremism can be violent when expressed in action.
  • Radicalism: the opinions and behavior of people who favor extreme changes. The radicalists tend to change quickly such as revolution to achieve their ideas or opinions. Radicals can be dormant or can express their actions in violent or in peaceful approaches depending on their stand.

So we can classify them into four sub-sections:

  1. Extremism-Radical
  2. Extremism-Conservative
  3. Moderate-Radical
  4. Moderate-Conservative