About US

  • The organization is established on August 15, 2017 to promote active citizenship and participation in social processes, to promote and raise citizens’ awareness around the social matters, to advance the position of youth in decision-making processes, to protect and to enhance the human rights, to promote the social justice for both sexes, to ensure cyber security, social security and social values, and to contribute to the process of integration and development of Kosovo towards the European structures such as: cultural, social, civic and governance.


  • VOBIS Institute for International Studies is a nonprofit organization that produces studies and researches on national and international security, with particular emphasis on terrorism, countering violent extremism, public , cyber and economic security.


  • Research activities also include other socio-economic and political issues related to security, such as gender equality, poverty and education. The institution’s headquarter is based in Pristina. VOBIS Institute studies and research are consistent but not limited to Kosovo.